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DFender Seed Treatment

February 22, 2022

The DF Seeds Difference: DFender Seed treatment.

Seed treatments are a proven way to protect your seed investment from early season threats. DF seeds has our own DFender seed treatment that is formulated to tackle the toughest diseases that farmers in Michigan face. DFender always comes formulated with three fungicides, an insecticide, inoculant and high-quality polymer and colorant. At DF Seeds, we believe in a full package seed treatment where the components build off each other to deliver optimum protection and yield benefit.

Soybeans face several seedling diseases including Phytophthora, Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium. DFender’s three fungicides are formulated so that they are effective on all four of the diseases. Insects like Bean Leaf Beetle, White Grubs and Wireworms can thin stands and reduce yields. DFender includes an effective insecticide to control these damaging pests.

Inoculant on soybeans can be one of the most important components of a seed treatment. Inoculant promotes nodulation which is the process soybeans use to produce nitrogen. Improper nodulation can lead to drastic yield reductions with the beans not having enough nitrogen to produce a full crop. That is why DFender includes an inoculant, all the time, to make sure that proper nodulation happens every year.

DFender treated soybean

DFender treated soybeans

DFender also includes a high-quality polymer and colorant. The polymer on DFender treated beans will help them flow through your equipment allowing it to function properly. The red colorant that DF Seeds uses allows for an even more uniform application for best results of the seed treatment.

DFender comes in a total of three variations: DFender, DFender SDS and DFender SCN. DFender is the base treatment in all three and is described above. DFender SCN and SDS include ILeVO for management of SCN and SDS. These options include different rates of ILeVO at the labeled rate for the target problem. Using one of these seed treatments can be especially effective since SCN attack the roots and SDS begins in the roots. When dealing with either SCN or SDS, it is best to partner the seed treatment with a variety that is field tolerant to the problem, especially in high pressure situations.

DF seeds conducts research every year to test different products for use in DFender to make sure that we are using the most effective options for our customers. That is why when you purchase your soybeans with DFender , they come with one hundred percent replant coverage.

Contact your DF Seeds dealer or local DF Seeds representative to have a custom recommendation to meet the needs of your farm made for you.

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