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Our ability to develop the best possible seeds for Michigan depends on open collaboration with our state’s farmers. One way we do it: sharing our latest findings and insights. Stay up-to-date through our news updates plus join us at product reviews and other upcoming events.



Be on the lookout: Phytophthora Root Rot and Stem Rot

Has your season had more rain than you needed? Even with all the rain, have your soybeans started to look drought-stressed? That is not drought, obviously. However, that appearance means


Be on the lookout for insects!

Insect populations on the rise While we all enjoyed the warmer-than-normal temperatures in January and February, our crops may be affected by them for the rest of the season. Those



DF Seeds strives to provide high-quality products for Michigan farmers. We offer alfalfa, corn, soybeans, and WHEAT. As we are nearing wheat harvest, wheat may be on the top of


Planting for maximum return with DF Seeds

Are you still debating what to plant this spring?   With markets where they are, which commodity will offer the best return on investment? Phil Tuggle of Michigan Ag Commodities


Concerned about early season weed control?

What do I need to look for in my fields at this time? Check out this video from Dr. Christy Sprague from Michigan State University regarding options for burn down,


Corn margins are tight: Is conventional corn an option for me?

The short version of that answer is it depends.   The long version of that answer is that there are several factors to determine if conventional corn is a good fit


Why Our Products Are Performing: The DF Seeds Advantage

What sets DF Seeds apart in the competitive world of agriculture? It’s not just our products; it’s the meticulous care and innovation behind them. Discover why DF Seeds’ products consistently


Agronomic Best Practices for Optimal Planting

As planting season approaches, being well-prepared is key to a successful crop. Understanding the right conditions and best practices for planting can make all the difference in your yield. This


DF Seeds Shifts Michigan Production to Best Support Customers

Production will be housed at Glenn Farm Seeds and Clearwater Farms DF Seeds, a leading producer of diverse and high-performing seeds, is shifting their production to Glenn Farm Seeds and


DF Seeds Selection Process: Excellence for Michigan Growers

Are you wondering what makes DF Seeds’ products stand out in the bustling agricultural market of Michigan? It’s not just about offering seeds; it’s about delivering Michigan Proven quality with

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