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DF Seeds Offers Many Options for Organic Farmers

By Jan Motz  |  March 24, 2022

Organic Farming Options

DF Seeds introduced DF 155 F seed that was organically grown in 2022.  As our #1 selling variety, we wanted organic farmers, to have the option of buying this food grade variety, organically grown.

Non GMO DF Seeds

In the past, we have offered all of our non-GMO soybeans without seed treatment for farmers in transition to organic or currently growing organic crops.  As a Michigan based company, we screen all our varieties for above average Phytophthora Root rot resistance, White Mold resistance, strong emergence and lodging scores.

As a leader in non-GMO soybeans, DF Seeds offers a wide range of agronomic options in the 10 varieties we currently sell.  This includes SCN resistance with PI88788 and Peking.  DF Seeds offers soybeans from a 1.5 early maturity to 2.8 maturity.  Three of these varieties are food grade or clear hilum; DF 187 N, DF 155 F and DF 262 NF.

DF Seeds partnered with Legacy Seeds Company to offer 3 new organically grown hybrids.  Legacy also offers thirteen conventional untreated corn hybrids from 85 day to 108 day relative maturity.

In supporting organic growers with all crops, DF Seeds also offers untreated red and white wheat.  Be sure to place your order as soon as possible after harvest as most of the wheat we sell will be treated.

If you are in need of alfalfa in your organic crop system, Legacy Seeds offers a non coated and Apex Green OMRI approved treatment of their varieties.  We also offer Hoppernot Max which provides resistance to potato leaf hopper.

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