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Best of the Best

By Jan Motz  |  August 17, 2022

Each year, DF Seeds best lines are tested against the best in the industry to show we are Michigan Proven. This year DF Seeds has three Best of the Best plots. At each location, we will be testing our full lineup of soybean varieties, including 2 new conventional and 1 new Enlist E3® variety, and corn hybrids, including our 17 new hybrids. Ration Choice® corn hybrids will be chopped and tested for silage quality at each location.

DF Seeds is hosting plot tours at each of these locations, so you can choose the location that is closest to your farm. Below is a description of what you will see at each site.

best of the best plots

Best of the Best South, register here:

September 7th – 1/8th mile East of N Parma Rd on Devereaux Rd. Parma

20 Legacy corn hybrids compared to many competitors from 97 to 105 day.

8 DF Seeds Enlist soybeans varieties from 2.2 to 3.1 maturity.

Best of the Best Central, register here:

September 8th – NE corner of Howell Rd and Bray Rd. Williamston

Over 80 Legacy corn hybrids compared to many competitors from 94-114 day maturity. All Corn traits are at this plot. We have several Conventional and trait comparisons with the same hybrid.

There are 30 conventional DF Seeds soybeans lines from 1.5-3.0 and over 20 DF Seeds Enlist lines from 1.6-3.1 maturity. We also have a seed treatment trial at this location to help us select the product that will be in our DFender Seed Treatment in 2023.

Best of the Best North, register here:

September 13th – 345 W North Grove Rd. Mayville

Over 38 Legacy corn hybrids from 90-106 day maturity compared to many competitors. Several hybrids will be tested for Rations Choice as well.

25 DF Seeds Conventional lines and over 20 DF Seeds Enlist soybeans from 1.4 -2.6 maturity. There is a seed treatment trial at this location as well.

If you want to see the new products DF Seeds will be offering to plant this next spring, be sure to RSVP through our events page, for the location you would like to attend so we can plan for lunch. If these dates do not work for you and you still want to see the plots, contact us for individual plots tours.

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