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DF Seeds Wheat Shows Strong Performance in 2022 MSU Trials

By Ty Bodeis  |  August 17, 2022

Wheat trial data is in and DF Seeds had another year of strong performance. All 8 DF Seeds lines did well in the Michigan State University trials this year. The trials spanned 5 locations and include information on lodging, test weight, fusarium head scab and milling qualities of every entry. Below is a summary of how DF Seeds did in the trials.

White Wheat – There are 21 white wheat varieties and 13 of those are commercial lines. Plot average for white wheat was 89.3 bu. All but DF 292 W was over that and it was very close.

DF 271 W: Finished 2rd and 4th overall of commercially available varieties. It was entered twice with the second entry having an experimental seed treatment. Between the two entries DF 271 W was 1st in Huron at 118.6bu, Ingham at 115.3bu and Tuscola at 100.6bu. It also had the highest 2-year Avg overall at 95.1bu and at Tuscola with 106.0bu. Lodging score was 0 for both entries and FHB ratings were below the mean.

DF 261 W: Finished 2nd in Tuscola at 99bu and had 4 top 10 finishes in the plots. It did have the highest lodging score for a DF Seeds white wheat at 16.7 under high management with 120# of N. FHB ratings came in just below the mean.

DF 292 W: This is a new variety with the FHB1 gene in it. The seed lot received from South American production had reduced germ and the variety still managed to perform well with a 7th place finish in Isabella. FHB ratings were strong with this variety, and it had a lodging score of only 3.3.

Ambassador: Managed to place 3rd overall this year of commercial varieties at 92.8bu. It is still a good wheat with proper management as it is susceptible to disease. FHB ratings were among the highest in the plot on a year with limited disease. Lodging score was good at 1.7.

Red Wheat – There are 85 red wheat entries with 44 commercial varieties. This number can increase if the experimental lines become part of a company’s line up. All of our commercial lines were above average. Keeping in mind the lack of head scab didn’t let the FHB1 gene show, but the index rating for DF 121 R is not the best either.

DF 121 R has the best 2 year average at 95.9 bushel. DF 121 R was entered twice into the plots with the second entry having an experimental seed treatment DFender Plus. At Hillman it yielded 92.3 which was above average. Was also a top finisher in Isabella Conventional at 88.8 and had the best 2-year average. 2-year average in Isabella was 95.9 bu. FHB Index was 27.3 and 0% lodging.

DF 131 R has a 2-year average of 94.9bu, which is #4 but within the LSD of the top yield (DF 121 R). It had 2 top 10 finishes this year at Tuscola and Isabella and showed a great response to high management, over 11 bushels in Isabella. 2-year average was 97.9 bu just behind DF 119 R. FHB ratings were good and 20% lodging score in high management.

DF 119 R a 2 year average of 93.5 which is just out of the LSD of the top yield, very strong performance. 2022 Overall was 95.4 bu within the LSD of #1. Was 1st in Isabella at 92.3bu and had the best 2-year average in Isabella at 98 bushels. FHB Index was 25.4 above average and 0% lodging.

DF 112 R has a 2 year average of 92.5, which is above the average and just one bushel below DF 119 R. FHB score was good coming in just below the mean and lodging was 41.7% taken in high management.

For the complete trial data go the Michigan Wheat Program website.

For detailed information on each DF variety head to our wheat page.

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