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Best of the Best Soybean Review

October 26, 2022

Another great year for Michigan proven DF Seeds soybeans!

DF Seeds has leading, non-GMO food-grade varieties in upper Midwest with high protein, designed to thrive in the Michigan climate.

Field Average for the non GMO soybeans in our Best of the Best plot was 57.8 bushels. The Enlist E3® soybeans planted in the same field averaged 58.4 bushels.

DF 231 N is #1 in the plot and the best of the DF Seeds Feed Grade non GMO soybeans. DF Seeds Food Grade non GMO soybeans have a 4.4 bushel yield average over the competitors in this plot. DF 155 F is the top yielding food grade soybean at this plot with DF 193 F in the #2 spot. NON GMO 1.5-2.0 had an average yield of 57 bushels. DF 203 N (NEW) was with in a bushel of DSR 2023 and DG2092. DF 151 N was above the average as a 1.5 relative maturity soybean. DF 193 F was over 2 bushels better than AOC Bruton.

NON GMO 2.1-2.5 is our wheel house. DF 231 N was #1. DF Lily was 1.6 bushels better than AOC Wigle. DF 155 F was 11.3 bushels than Nature’s Genetics 2.4. DF Jackson was 6.8 bushels better than Nature’s Genetics 2.4. NON GMO 2.7+ had DF 260 N with a 3rd place finish with DF 282 N right behind it. DF 260 N was doing 80 bushels in the seed field and in field results with SCN pressure are very strong.

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DF Seeds Enlist soybeans summary

Our Enlist E3® soybeans are vigorously tested and designed for maximum yield. The Enlist E3 soybeans average 58.38 bushels. The DF Seeds varieties averaged 59.23 compared to the competitors average yield of 57.4. That’s 3% more. DF 3251 N E3, DF 3172 N E3 and DF 3211 N E3 were all above average yields.

DF 3251 N E3 was #1 with 2.2 bushels more than DSR 2555 and 11.4 bushel more than GH 2505. DF 3172 N E3 was #3 with 3.3 bushels over the entire plot average and 7 bushels better than DSR 1707 E. DF 3211 N E3 was also above the average with an additional 1.4 bushels better than GH 2292 and 6.8 bushels better than DSR 2188.

Michigan Proven. Michigan Grown.

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