Results are in: 2022 MSU Variety Trials - DF Seeds

Results are in: 2022 MSU Variety Trials

December 21, 2022

Michigan Grown. Michigan Proven.

DF Seeds consistently shows strong performance

DF Seeds uses the Michigan State University testing.  We had additional entries in the White Mold and Sudden Death Syndrome screenings done by Dr. Martin Chilvers.  As Michigan growers know you can win the yield trials in a year with lower disease pressure, but consistent high yields year to year is the goal of DF Seeds.

Roundup Ready Trials

DF 3251 N E3 was at the top of the MSU Southern Zone Round-up Ready Early Maturity trial.  At 87.1 bushels per acre in Hillsdale county, this variety is a must have your farm.  DF 3215 N E3 also finished strong in Ingham, St. Joseph and Lenawee counties.  For earlier maturities DF 3143 N E3 and DF 3172 N E3 were top 1/3 finishers in the Central Roundup Ready trial for early maturity soybeans.

Conventional Trials

DF 282 N was #1 in Hillsdale county at 88.5 Bu/Acre.  In the Southern Conventional Trial, DF 282 N averaged 82.8 Bu/acre and DF 260 N averaged 79 Bu/acre.  Both of these are well above the average of 74.8 bushels per acres of the Roundup Ready varieties in the same location.  DF 260 N also finished #1 in Saginaw county at 69.5 bushel per acre.

DF Seeds continues to look for varieties with top end protein levels for the food grade and export markets.  Michigan State University tested the protein level of the varieties and DF 262 N F was one of the top protein levels tested at 43.3% protein.  DF 262 N F provides SCN resistance in a food grade variety.

There were other conventional varieties to consider planting this spring.  For an early maturity, DF 151 N is very consistent and best yield in the 1.5 relative maturity.  DF 203 N is new this year and is a great fit for the 2.0 maturity range.  DF 210 N offers Peking SCN resistance and still yields! DF 231 N is one of our most popular varieties and it’s consistent performance is one of the main reasons it is planted year after year on Michigan farms.


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