Identity Preserved International Summit - DF Seeds

Identity Preserved International Summit

January 6, 2023

DF Seeds representing soybeans on an international platform

DF Seeds President, Janna Fritz, will be representing DF Seeds and Legacy Agripartners by presenting at the Specialty Soya & Grains Alliance (SSGA) inaugural Identity Preserved International Summit. More than 100 buyers, sellers, processors, and users of high-quality grains and oilseeds will participate in the event in Honolulu, HI, starting on January 11, 2023.

The conference is an opportunity for international trading partners to engage with U.S. IP suppliers to discuss industry challenges and trends. There will also be many opportunities to grow relationships within the specialty soybean industry and make important connections between farmers, exporters and buyers. A key portion of this event will include an update and the latest developments to the improvement of our supply chain reliability including a panel on the future of seed. Fritz will be presenting on this panel and at a plot tour visit where two DF Seeds varieties will be on display for international buyers to touch and see growing in the field.

The IP International Summit is also supported by the Michigan Soybean Committee (MSC), Michigan Ag Commodities (MAC), and Zeeland Farm Services (ZFS). DF Seeds partners with all these organizations within the state of Michigan as well to advance farmer opportunities to grow specialty soybeans. DF Seeds proven record of providing high quality, high protein soybeans for international export continues to be a pillar of the DF business model and a valuable way for farmers to expand their market opportunities.

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