Is wheat the superpower you are missing? - DF Seeds

Is wheat the superpower you are missing?

January 2, 2023

Wheat in your rotation is proven to reduce populations of SCN

Dr. Marisol Quintanilla, Applied Nematologist at Michigan State University spoke to the DF Seeds’ dealers at their recent Winter Agronomy Meeting. She brought some new insight into the superpower of wheat to reduce populations of Soybean Cyst Nematodes (SCN) in growers’ soybean fields. Recent research from Southern Illinois University is very exciting as the fields following wheat saw an over 30% reduction in SCN counts. This is a great reason to continue to plant wheat in your crop rotation.

Quintanilla also mentioned the need for Peking SCN resistance in managing SCN in your fields.  She recommended using a Peking SCN resistant variety after growing wheat or corn to reduce the dependence on PI88788 SCN resistant soybean varieties. DF Seeds is introducing two Peking soybean varieties.

Michigan Proven Products

DF 3194 N E3 is a 1.9 maturity soybean that is a complimentary variety to DF 3191 N E3. DF 3194 N E3 was the #1 yield in the BOB Central Plot and had top yield in our irrigated plot, located in St. Johns, MI. While it is average on white mold, it does have the 1K gene for Phytophthora Root Rot and is more resistant to Sudden Death Syndrome.

DF 3264 N E3 is a 2.6 maturity soybean that is the best variety we have in resistance to Sudden Death Syndrome. It has shown better overall yield compared to DF 3251 N E3 in this last year. DF 3264 N E3 likes more productive soils and has a unique tawny, bushy bean.

Check out our soybean line up here.

Be sure to call your DF Seeds dealer to DSM to ask about how these two new varieties can help you manage your SCN this year.

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