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Providing Michigan Farmers with Optimal Quality Seed

By DF Seeds  |  January 23, 2023

Stack of DF Seeds soybeans

Michigan Matters Most

At DF Seeds our mission is to provide Michigan Farmers with optimal quality seed for their unique Michigan climate. Our DF Seeds Agronomy Product Manager, Jan Motz, has a keen eye for quality & agronomic fit.  She is analyzing potential future products for our seed portfolio. Future varieties are assessed by yield, agronomic characteristics, end user needs to name a few. 

Variety Selection

How do we determine which new varieties make it into a DF Seeds bag?  

Our selection process is robust.  We have access to a diverse pool of genetic and trait technology to select industry leading products that perform in Michigan. We align with our processing partners and listening to our customers. Our portfolio is managed to exceed the demands of our growers.  A few of the questions we consider to prepare for the future include: 

  • Is a new variety needed in a certain maturity range?  
  • Do we need more options in a certain hilum color?  
  • Do we need a new variety with white mold tolerance or type of resistance to SCN?  
  • What are the future risks and opportunities for our growers cultural practices? 

Having a well-rounded product mix is important for customer satisfaction and farm management. How can our entire product line contribute to your farm’s risk management strategies? By having strong agronomics with high yields, DF Seeds maximizes and ensures profitability and strong risk management options. 

Closeup of treated soybean seed. Soybean seed treatment for insect, fungus control and disease management concept

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