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Impacting International Soybean Opportunities

By Janna Fritz  |  February 16, 2023

Quality Matters

The majority of United States soybeans are exported around the world. The US has a higher quality in their soybean production as compared to Brazil and Argentina. That higher quality is recognized by buyers and users around the world.  The higher quality was recognized at the recent Identity Preserved Summit in Hawaii.  The higher quality was also relayed to the Michigan Soybean Committee’s (MSC) trade delegation who recently traveled to Morocco.

International Impact

MSC provided an educational opportunity for Michigan soybean farmers, including farmer and DF Seeds President Janna Fritz, to travel to Morocco and learn about soybean use in this emerging market. Moroccan soybean imports are needed to feed their growing poultry industry. Currently, Morocco produced 210 million chickens with production concentrated in NW regions of Morocco. There are also 7 billion eggs produced. The feed mills that mix and deliver feed to these operations give priority to US soybeans because of their quality.

Feed mill products

Morocco is the only African nation to have a Free Trade Agreement with the US. This not only allows for ease of trade directly with Morocco but also enables the US to bring soybeans into the African continent through one of the largest ports. The Tangier-Med Port is the 23rd largest port in the world and the largest in Morocco enables easy entry into Africa. There they can move to other North African countries for their use as well. The Moroccan infrastructure also adds ease to moving these exports. 

Utilizing Soybean M

Chicken is eaten by all social groups in Morocco. Turkey is also growing in popularity. Soybean meal is a staple in chicken feed and incorporated into dairy ration. The country is exploring advancements in aquaculture which would also use soybean meal.

DF Seeds is proud to offer high-quality soybean varieties for Michigan farmers. Our soybeans provide a strong return for local farmers, they are a part of the global soybean trade and contribute to the protein consumption of international countries like Morocco.

Fritz would like to thank MSC for being included in this educational experience.

Janna Fritz visiting a feed mill in Morocco

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