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Planalytics Greenreport: Winter Wheat Yield Forecast

By DF Seeds  |  June 28, 2023

wheat plot 2022DF Seeds providing optimal quality seed for unique Michigan climate 

DF Seeds is constantly researching better varieties for your Michigan farm. Wheat is no exception. We are always looking for ways to improve wheat yields through our quality variety selection process. We select agronomic characteristics that are needed in Michigan and that will drive higher yields for Michigan farmers. 

Michigan is expected to have a decent overall winter wheat yield this year, even given the dry conditions in May and early June. According to Planalytics Greenreport Winter Wheat Yield Forecast issued June 16, 2023, Michigan is projected to have some of the strongest winter wheat crop yields in the country. While the report notes the Michigan yield estimates have dropped in the last month from the high of 83.7 bushels per acre (5/3/23) down to 78.4 bushels per acre in this report, Michigan is still expected to have strong winter wheat yields compared to the rest of the country. 

Kansas, the country’s top state for winter wheat is struggling with drought conditions and is projected to have an average yield of only 32.5 bushels per acres. While Michigan is ranked as the 11th largest state in winter wheat production, Michigan is projected to have the second highest yield of any of the Top Ten producing states, only behind Idaho.  

Harvest is well underway in Texas & Oklahoma and is just getting started in Kansas. The week ahead is expected to bring more wet weather across central & northern portions of the High Plains region from Oklahoma up through Kansas, Colorado, and western Nebraska. Michigan is still several weeks away from harvest. 

As we prepare for harvest, here are some tips from MSU Extension 

  • Harvest fields with the highest lodging potential first.  
  • In fields where varieties were planted that are susceptible to fusarium head blight and you have found infection, start harvesting these fields at 20% moisture and turn the fan speed up on the combine to blow poor kernels out the back.  
  • Be sure to calibrate your yield monitors using multi-point calibration.  
  • Make sure you set the straw chopper to proper chop and spread straw the full width of your combine header. 

Please contact your DF Seeds dealer or DSM to discuss your wheat seed needs for the coming season. We will have 2 new red wheat varieties available this year so make sure to get your units reserved early. 

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