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Best of the Best, 2023 edition

By DF Seeds  |  July 25, 2023

John Diehl started the Best of the Best (BOB) soybean plots.

We are continuing his legacy. Our competitors were invited to enter the plot and compare their products to the DF Seeds soybeans and Legacy Seeds corn portfolio. We have three Best of the Best plots throughout Michigan again this year. 

In each Best of the Best soybean plots, we will evaluate our current products, including non-GMO and Enlist ® E3 soybean varieties, new varieties we will be introducing for the coming year, experimental lines we are testing from different genetic suppliers, as well as protein and oil levels of each variety. New for 2024, we are testing 2 new Enlist E3 soybean varieties with Peking SCN resistance. We are also testing 6, yes that is 6, new non-GMO varieties and 3 new organically grown soybean varieties. 

Irrigation is important in Michigan, MSU has one soybean location that is under irrigation. For the second year, we will have our newest non-GMO and Enlist E3 varieties tested under irrigation at the North Central Research Station in St. Johns, Michigan. 

Corn is a big part of the Best of the Best plots in the past few years. We take hybrids to yield, including Legacy Seeds Ration Choice® hybrids. Ration Choice is a unique silage system designed to meet the needs of dairy and livestock operations. The program includes selection of products through testing of silage yield and digestibility samples focused on Total Digestible Nutrient (TDN). These corn trials are expanding with southern and northern Michigan locations. New for 2024, we are testing 18 new corn hybrids, including 5 PowerCore Enlist hybrids. 

Both corn and soybeans plots will include organic, conventional and the best available traits. DF Seeds evaluates more than yield. We evaluate food grade qualities like protein in soybeans. In corn, Ration Choice hybrids are specifically chosen for their silage yield along with characteristics that our customers value, characteristics such as starch, fiber, and sugar digestibility. This enables us to match the right products to your operation’s specific needs and expectations, which enables you to maximize your herd’s potential. 

DF Seeds will host plot tours at each of these Best of the Best locations. If you want to see the new products DF Seeds will be offering to plant this next spring, be sure to RSVP through our events page, for the location you would like to attend. If these dates do not work for you and you still want to see the plots, contact us for individual plots tours. 

Best of the Best Thumb – September 13 – Caro, MI – This plot location includes 20 corn hybrids, including 4 PowerCore Enlist varieties, as

 well as conventional and leafy varieties ranging from 90 -103 day RM, as well as over 30 non-GMO soybean varieties, including 9 experimental lines. Please note the soybean plot at this location is grown organically. 

Best of the Best Central – September 19 – Dansville, MI – This plot location includes 21 corn hybrids, including 4 PowerCore Enlist, 95-105day hybrids, 12 Enlist E3 soybean varieties from 1.6 to 2.6 with relative maturities, 5 experimental Enlist varieties, 40 non-GMO 40 varieties from 1.8 to 3.2 relative maturity, with 16 being experimental lines. 

Best of the Best South – September 21 – Parma, MI – This plot includes 12 corn hybrids, including 4 Power Core Enlist hybrids, from 93 to 106 day and 5 Enlist E3 soybeans from 1.9 to 2.6 relative maturity. 

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