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Be Watchful For Stink Bugs

August 2, 2023

It is the season for Stink Bugs.

stink bugScouting is extremely important as there is a very low threshold for Stink Bugs, especially if you’re in a non-GMO, food grade soybean system. Stink Bugs can cause more damage to these food grade soybeans because they can reduce the seed quality. This can reduce the premium you receive for those non-GMO, food grade soybeans at delivery. If you are growing DF 155 F, DF 262 N, DF 193 N or DF 187 N, you need to scout for Stink Bugs.

It is easy to see Japanese Beetles and the damage they cause to the soybean leaves. Also, you can often see the effects of spider mites from the road. However, the stealth effect of the Stink Bugs is harder to see without careful crop scouting. Stink Bugs have straw-like mouthparts that poke through the pod and directly into the developing seed. Often this causes the soybean to abort the seed. Stink Bugs that invade your soybean field later in the season can cause shriveled, shrunken and stained seed. No matter what the symptoms, you will likely see reduced yield and reduced seed quality at harvest.

Do I scout for Stink Bugs the same way I scout for other insects?

Scouting for Stink Bugs is relatively easy and there are insecticides that are effective in controlling insect populations. Begin scouting at the R2 (full bloom) through R6 (full seed set). Use a sweep net, and sample 5 locations in the field. Take 10 sweeps, stepping with each sweep of the soybeans. Then count the number of Stink Bugs. Repeat this 5 times in the field.

There are several types of stink bugs (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Green, Red Shouldered and Brown Stink Bugs), but it doesn’t really matter which are present. If you get two Stink Bugs in the average of all the sweeps, you need to apply an insecticide for food grade soybeans. If you get an average of four Stink Bugs from all the sweeps in a field, you should consider an insecticide on all other soybeans for grain. It is best to work with a pest management professional to secure the appropriate insecticide.

Remember to be diligent in your pest management practices. Early scouting and action to address high thresholds of Stink Bugs can reduce yield loss at harvest. For more resources, contact your DF Seeds DSM or local DF Seeds dealer location.

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