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The Future of DF Seeds

By DF Seeds  |  August 21, 2023

Janna Fritz visiting a feed mill in MoroccoThe second part of Colin’s conversation with Janna Fritz, the President of DF Seeds, provided invaluable insights into the challenges and rewards of farming and an exciting look ahead into the future

Transitioning into Farming: Surprises and Revelations

Janna shared her journey into farming, highlighting the unexpected challenges she faced. The commitment required during peak seasons, influenced by the seasonality of the business, was a particular eye-opener for her. However, as she emphasized, the joys of agriculture make all the hard work worth it.

The Bond with Michigan’s Farming Community

A central theme of our discussion was DF Seeds’ deep connection with the Michigan farming community. Janna’s admiration for the rural community was evident. She described them as the “salt of the earth” and expressed her privilege in working alongside such dedicated farmers.

Agricultural Landscape in Michigan: Opportunities Await

The podcast touched upon Michigan’s diverse agricultural practices, revealing unique opportunities that DF Seeds is keen to explore. Both Janna and our host reminisced about their experiences with larger agricultural entities, highlighting the distinct, personal touch DF Seeds offers in contrast.

Why DF Seeds? Janna’s Perspective

Janna’s decision to join DF Seeds stemmed from the brand’s uniqueness and the alternative avenues it introduces to Michigan farmers. She reiterated the company’s commitment to being in sync with farmers’ needs, emphasizing open communication as the cornerstone of DF Seeds’ philosophy.

For a deeper dive into Janna’s insights and the DF Seeds vision, we encourage you to listen to the full podcast episode. We’re grateful for your unwavering support and eagerly anticipate sharing more agricultural tales with you.

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