Announcing: MAC NON-GMO Soybean Premium Program - DF Seeds

Announcing: MAC NON-GMO Soybean Premium Program

October 24, 2023

DF Seeds provides diverse options for high-performing seed that has been tested and proven in Michigan for Michigan farmers. We are excited to share the DF Seeds Products that are included in the Michigan Agricultural Commodities (MAC) 2024 NON-GMO Soybean Premium program.  With over 100 years of combined experience working with food grade soybeans, MAC offers expertise in non-GMO soybean production in the United States. 




Product Relative Maturity  Harvest premium delivered
Marlette or Breckenridge 
Post-harvest premium freight paid by MAC
from farm to Breckenridge 
DF 174 N F  1.7  $2.25  $2.75 
DF 187 N  1.8  $2.25  $2.75 
DF 193 (exclusive)  1.9  $2.50  $3.00 
Lily (exclusive)  2.5  $2.50  $3.00 
DF 155 F  2.5  $2.50  $3.00 
DF 262 N F  2.6  $2.50  $3.00 

Delivery:  Breckenridge or Marlette MAC locations 

CONTACT:  Jeff Kuehnlein 989.854.0374 or  

For more information on DF Seeds, visit us at or call 517-623-6161. 

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