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DF Seeds Celebrates Stellar Wheat Performance in National and State Contests

By DF Seeds  |  November 2, 2023

Our wheat is a testament to hard work, innovation, and dedication. This year, we’re thrilled to share that DF Seeds’ commitment to high-quality wheat has been recognized on both national and state stages.

DF-131: A Wheat Variety That Stands Out

Our DF-131 wheat variety clinched the second spot in the National Wheat Yield contest and proudly claimed the top position in the Michigan State Wheat Yield contest. A significant achievement and a testament to the quality and performance of our wheat products.

DF Seeds’ Legacy in Wheat

Amidst global challenges affecting wheat markets, DF Seeds has remained focused on providing Michigan farmers with the best. Reports from fields indicate better-than-expected wheat yields across Michigan. Even in the face of drought conditions earlier this year, our wheat varieties proved resilient and high-yielding.

Leading with Innovation

Our commitment to innovation is unwavering. We’ve introduced the FHB1 gene in our red wheat varieties, DF 121 R and DF 131 R, to combat Fusarium Head Scab. Our selection process is rigorous, ensuring that Michigan farmers get wheat varieties tailored for the state’s unique environment.

DF Seeds’ Portfolio Outperforms

In the 2022 trials, our white wheat varieties surpassed the state’s average yield by 3.75 bushels. Similarly, our red wheat varieties averaged a yield higher than the state’s average by over 2 bushels. These numbers aren’t just statistics; they represent our promise of quality and performance.

Looking Ahead

While we await the data for 2023, the preorder for the next season is already here. We’re excited for the future and invite our farming community to be a part of our journey.

To our dedicated team, our loyal farmers, and everyone who believes in DF Seeds, this victory is shared. We’re more than just a seed company; we’re a community, and together, we grow success.

For more details on our wheat varieties and to be a part of our next success story, contact our team today.

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