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DF Seeds Selection Process: Excellence for Michigan Growers

January 15, 2024

Are you wondering what makes DF Seeds’ products stand out in the bustling agricultural market of Michigan? It’s not just about offering seeds; it’s about delivering Michigan Proven quality with every product. Dive into our rigorous selection process and discover how we ensure only the best reaches your fields.

Rigorous Testing for Michigan Proven Quality

At DF Seeds, our commitment to excellence begins with stringent testing. Our selection process involves multiple layers of evaluation, including:

  • MSU White Mold and SDS Screenings: We collaborate with Michigan State University to conduct specialized screenings, ensuring our seeds withstand local challenges.
  • MSU Variety Trials: Our seeds must consistently rank in the top third of these trials. This isn’t just a one-time achievement; we look for consistent performance.

The Two-Year Rule: Our Benchmark for Consistency

Why two years? Agriculture is as unpredictable as the weather, and no two years are the same in farming. A variety that excels in consecutive years is not just lucky; it’s proven. This is the cornerstone of our selection philosophy, guaranteeing that our products are not fleeting successes but consistent performers.

Notable Performers in Recent Trials

In our recent trials, several varieties have notably excelled:

These are the top performers, consistently ranking in the upper echelon across various conditions. They are the embodiment of our commitment to quality and consistency.

Our selection process at DF Seeds is more than a protocol; it’s a promise of quality and reliability to every Michigan farmer. Through our rigorous testing and the two-year rule, we ensure that every seed we offer is not just a product but a trusted partner in your agricultural success.

Explore our full range of Michigan Proven seeds and see how our commitment to quality can elevate your farming experience.

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