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DF Seeds Shifts Michigan Production to Best Support Customers

January 15, 2024

Production will be housed at Glenn Farm Seeds and Clearwater Farms

DF Seeds, a leading producer of diverse and high-performing seeds, is shifting their production to Glenn Farm Seeds and Clearwater Farms in 2024. The move is focused on delivering the best service for customers and positioning the company for future success.

Field of DF Seeds soybeans“DF Seeds was built in Michigan. We are committed to our Michigan farmers and partners,” said DF Seeds President, Janna Fritz. “Our expanded partnership with Glenn Farm Seeds and Clearwater Farms will ensure our ability to service our customers with the best seed for their Michigan farms.”

DF Seeds’ will continue to provide diverse options for high-performing seeds that are tested and proven in Michigan. DF Seeds is committed to the Michigan market and will continue to support farmers domestically and the agricultural industry globally.

“We look to the future with excitement and optimism about our unique position in the market to best serve our customers’ needs,” Fritz explained.

As members of Legacy Agripartners, DF Seeds will remain focused on being a source of strength for agricultural America by doing right by farmers and respecting the roots of the DF Seeds firm foundation established by John Diehl. This commitment to the Michigan market will continue to support growers and producers in our region by maintaining and growing DF Seeds in Michigan and beyond.

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