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Planting for maximum return with DF Seeds

April 22, 2024

Are you still debating what to plant this spring?  

With markets where they are, which commodity will offer the best return on investment? Phil Tuggle of Michigan Ag Commodities (MAC) offers this spreadsheet comparing typical input expenses and possible profit on each of the main commodities grown in Michigan. DF Seeds’ Agronomy Product Manager, Jan Motz, has also made a few adjustments including analysis and yield potential of DF Seeds products.  


First, we broke down the different corn trait options available. Potentially, any farmer has the same yield potential across trait packages given appropriate management. In Michigan it is possible to have a greater return on investment with conventional corn. DF Seeds, through our partnership with Legacy Seeds, offers many conventional corn options from 81-day to 113-day. Call your DF Seeds dealer to check on what top-yielding hybrids are still available.   


When looking at wheat, it shows a loss in gross margin. However, the best way to make money on wheat is to take care of the crop and reach over 100 bushels per acre. DF Seeds has some of the best yielding wheat on the market. Ensure your potential by planting the best certified DF wheat varieties. Also, while wheat might not pencil out to be profitable, there are agronomic benefits to keeping wheat in your rotation. Wheat will reduce corn and soybean pest pressure, especially Soybean Cyst Nematode, and disrupts weed populations with varied herbicide strategies from each commodity. 


When we turn to soybeans, after having reviewed the last two years of MSU soybean trials, the difference of all the Roundup Ready varieties compared to all the non-GMO varieties (which includes all the MSU experimental lines) was a difference of less than 5 bushels. When we also consider seed costs and market premiums, you’ll see that the best ROI for your farm is high yielding, non-GMO soybeans. DF has several non-GMO soybean varieties yielding 80 bushels or better. With weed resistance being so prevalent, the herbicide program changes with non-GMO soybeans have been minimized as we need to diversify our herbicide management strategies in all soybeans. 

In the end, profits in 2024 are projected to be tight. Be sure to evaluate every option you have. Call your DF Seeds dealer or DSM to discuss options and to check product availability.  

Happy Planting!!! 

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