June 10, 2024

DF Seeds strives to provide high-quality products for Michigan farmers.

We offer alfalfa, corn, soybeans, and WHEAT. As we are nearing wheat harvest, wheat may be on the top of your mind.

Thus far, reports from the field indicate “better than expected” wheat yields across Michigan. The wheat disease models are indicating overall low disease pressure, however, due to the erratic rain patterns in May, scouting your fields is critical for managing the wheat diseases.

Wheat harvestAs a Michigan wheat grower, you can look to DF Seeds for some of the newest varieties. We are leaders in the newest technology including the addition of the FHB1 gene. This gene helps manage Fusarium Head Scab. Our two newest red wheat varieties, DF 121 R and DF 131 R, have the FHB1 gene to help manage this disease. Our portfolio offers two new brand-new, limited releases for 2024. Our new white wheat is DF 284 W, and our new red wheat is DF 144 R, which also have the FHB1 gene.

In a low-pressure area, the FHB1 gene will help manage the Head Scab disease. Remember that fungicides are there to handle multiple diseases. Even if you don’t have Fusarium, the fungicide may control one of the other wheat diseases.

Additionally, DF Seeds selects wheat varieties specifically for the Michigan environment. We know you need disease resistance, strong test weight, and great standability as you manage your wheat crop for the highest possible yield.  All of our varieties are annually tested in Michigan. We have partnered with the Michigan Wheat Program and MSU Extension in their variety trials for many years.

In the 2023 trials, the average yield was 102.9 bushels across the state for all red and white wheat varieties. DF Seeds white wheat variety DF 271 W was the #1 white wheat variety in the trial.  The white wheat average of all the 17 varieties was 103.9 bushels. DF Seeds average yield was 106.8 bushels, almost 3 bushels more. DF 271 W was 6 bushels better than the white wheat variety average.

All of the red wheat varieties averaged 103.8 bushels last year. While the DF Seeds red wheat varieties averaged 103.6 bushels.

Although, the 2024 data is not yet available, we are excited to see the results. DF Seeds DSMs and dealers are here to help guide you to the right product for your acre and management practices. Contact our office, your dealer or a DSM today to learn more about our wheat product offerings for planting this fall.


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