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The DF Seeds Difference and your non-GMO opportunity

January 19, 2022

Soybean growers set a record of $34 Billion of soybeans exported in 2021.   Of all the soybeans raised in the US, only 6% of all the acres are non-GMO soybeans.  Most seed companies do not focus on this small market.  DF Seeds is not like “most seed companies.” The DF Seeds difference is focused on non-GMO soybeans. In 2021, DF Seeds tested over 60 non-GMO soybean varieties to find the best ones that produce on the farms and fit the needs of exporters in Michigan.   

Currently 50% of the non-GMO soybean acres are food grade.  Over 90% of all non-GMO soybeans are contracted directly with the growers.  Food grade soybeans are high protein, clear hilum, large seeded.  86% of the food grade soybeans are exported; like DF 187 N, DF 155F, Lily and Jackson.  The #1 export market for food grade, non-GMO soybeans is for tofu in Japan.    DF Seeds listened to several exporters requesting higher protein for the food grade market.  This year we introduced DF 262 N F.  This variety is a great option for the food grade market with 1-1.5% higher protein and similar seed size for the exporters, in addition to a similar yield, better standability and SCN protection for the growers.   

There has been an increased interest in feed grade non-GMO soybeans recently.  DF Seeds offers 7 black hilum, feed grade soybean varieties.  All these lines are SCN resistant with DF 210 N having Peking resistance and DF 260 N having dual resistance (PI88788/ 437654).  DF Seeds looks for high yielding, white mold and Phytophthora Root Rot resistance as the top 3 characteristics of our varieties in our selection of all our non-GMO soybeans.   

At DF Seeds we are experts in non-GMO soybeans.  We can help connect you to one of the Michigan exporters to secure your acres of non-GMO soybeans.

More on non-GMO contracts here

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