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Legacy Seeds is Michigan Proven in F.I.R.S.T. Corn Trials

December 19, 2023

Proven seed for Michigan

DF Seeds proudly distributes Legacy Seeds corn.  Michigan Farm News published support for the 2023 corn hybrid performance with FIRST 2023 Michigan Corn Trials Legacy Seeds is consistently outperforming the competition on Michigan ground. Michigan is recognized as one of the more difficult states for corn harvest in 2023.  We experienced both, dry post-planting weather conditions crating emergence issues and later-than-normal harvesting.

Diversity is key in selecting products to perform in our unique Michigan climate. “Genetics and genetic diversity are a big part of our corn line-up. Our high-performing conventional hybrids and hybrids with traits come from multiple sources, giving us the ability to offer the right hybrids that can be placed on the right soils and in the right environments.” Jim Wold, Legacy Seed Corn Product Manager.

Check out the performance of our Legacy Seeds line up with FIRST Seed Tests and through our local plot performance.

FIRST seed test

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