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Why Our Products Are Performing: The DF Seeds Advantage

tractor planting

What sets DF Seeds apart in the competitive world of agriculture? It’s not just our products; it’s the meticulous care and innovation behind them. Discover why DF Seeds’ products consistently

Agronomic Best Practices for Optimal Planting

seeds pouring in planter

As planting season approaches, being well-prepared is key to a successful crop. Understanding the right conditions and best practices for planting can make all the difference in your yield. This

DF Seeds Selection Process: Excellence for Michigan Growers

Are you wondering what makes DF Seeds’ products stand out in the bustling agricultural market of Michigan? It’s not just about offering seeds; it’s about delivering Michigan Proven quality with

Webinar on Relevant Incentive Funding Opportunities

Regenerative Ag, Triticale growth in fall

Missed our November 8th webinar on unlocking agricultural funding opportunities? Fear not, we’ve captured the essence and the full session is now accessible to all. Keep reading and watch the

White mold: variety selection is the best defense.

White mold soybeans

As any soybean grower knows, white mold can be devastating. Michigan experienced dry conditions early in the season and then heavy rains began in July.   The impact of white mold

The Future of DF Seeds

Sowing Seeds of Success in Michigan Podcast Episode Thumbnail

The second part of Colin’s conversation with Janna Fritz, the President of DF Seeds, provided invaluable insights into the challenges and rewards of farming and an exciting look ahead into

DF Seed Wheat: high quality products for the unique Michigan climate 


DF Seeds strives to provide high quality products for Michigan farmers. We offer alfalfa, corn, soybeans, and WHEAT. As we are into (and maybe even finishing) harvest, wheat may be

Best of the Best, 2023 edition

Best of the best plot

John Diehl started the Best of the Best (BOB) soybean plots. We are continuing his legacy. Our competitors were invited to enter the plot and compare their products to the

The Impact of Feed Diversity on Dairy Health and Productivity 

Dairy cows eating silage

Diversity in dairy ration is essential for optimizing the nutrition, health, and productivity of dairy herds. Different feed components provide varying nutrient profiles that can be tailored to meet the

MSU Extension tips on managing tar spot of corn mid-season

green corn

As Michigan has been receiving more timely moisture events and the summer starts to turn hot and humid, growers need to be scouting for Tar Spot. There are no reports

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